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Pediatric cancer 'dream team' awarded part of $14.5 million grant


MADISON (WKOW) -- The UW Carbone Cancer Center joined the Stand Up to Cancer Pediatric Dream Team on Sunday.

The team, made up of scientists at seven North American cancer research centers, will receive a total of $14.5 million over four years to create new treatments for high-risk childhood cancers.

Stand Up to Cancer, the American Association for Cancer Research and the St. Baldrick's Foundation awarded the grant to the UW, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Baylor, University of Washington, University of Vancouver, Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and the National Cancer Institute.

UW Carbone Cancer Center scientists will receive about 10 percent of the total grant, taking home nearly $1.4 million over a four-year period.

The collaboration is to speed up development of cancer treatments with fewer side effects than current therapies, according to Dr. Paul Sondel, director of pediatric oncology at the UW Carbone Cancer Center and the American Children's Hospital.

The funds are coming at a crucial time in cancer research.

"Research is at a crossroads. We have made strides in understanding the biology of cancer, but have not yet revolutionized therapies," Sondel said in a press release.

UW Scientists will test protein-based agents and antibodies, and execute clinical trials in immunotherapy.

Joining Sondel in developing these therapies will be doctors Ken DeSantes, Christian Capitini, Mario Otto, Peiman Hematti, Alexander Rakhmilevich and Jacquelyn Hank; and in providing patient perspectives are six advocates, including Kelly Cotter, who was treated at the former UW Children's Hospital for childhood cancer.

Stand Up to Cancer has spent more than $19.4 million to fund 26 research grantees at 19 institutions.

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