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Fines possible for deer video on YouTube


OAK CREEK (WKOW) -- A YouTube stunt involving five men and a deer may end up costing those guys at least $300 each.

They recorded themselves catching a deer and putting a T-shirt on the animal.

The video, taken in Oak Creek, shows an elaborate trap set up on what the DNR says is private land.

You see a man carrying a T-shirt toward the trap.

There's laughter as the man enters the trap, with the deer already struggling inside.

The men then wrestle it to the ground and force a yellow T-shirt over its head; all, apparently, for the sake of a YouTube video.

"It's always tough to see somebody act like that toward a wild animal," noted DNR warden Kaitlin Kernosky.

The DNR is investigating and could fine the men involved.

One of them issued a statement apologizing and saying they did in for fun.

The DNR says the deer is okay, but is still wearing part of the T-shirt.   

The video has been taken off YouTube.

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