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Madison runners return home safely from Boston Marathon


MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin runners are beginning to return home after a tragic day in Boston.

Tuesday afternoon, 27 News caught up with two women who ran the Boston Marathon on Monday and made it home safely.

Stephanie Stetson, from the Madison area, had just crossed the finish line less than five minutes before the first explosion. Stetson says she had only walked a block or so away from the finish line, just narrowly escaping injury.

"[I] was just walking down, the guy was going to put my medal over my head and the explosion went off, so he was just standing there and the first one went off and we both looked down the street saw this big plume of smoke," Stetson says. "When the second one went off, it became much more real; police were running past me and, you know, they're clearing streets."

Stetson says her husband never made it to see her cross the finish line. He was on his way on the subway, which halted and evacuated shortly after the explosions. She wasn't able to find him for quite a while, because the race officials had closed off the family meeting area. Eventually, she found a friend who had learned he was safe.

Judy Gundersen, of Madison, had finished the race already and was on the subway back to her hotel when the bombs went off. She said she had no idea why the subway was evacuated or what happened until she got back to the hotel and found frantic texts from her family, checking if she was alright.

Gundersen said the city quickly got chaotic, then deserted later, when people were told to stay inside.

"I could see outside my window the off ramp leading to the airport and there were absolutely no cars," says Gundersen. "At that point they still didn't know if there were more explosives, so the whole city was sort of in lock down so that was pretty scary."

Both women were not hurt and say they hope the tragedy won't affect attendance at future races.

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