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Middleton teen experienced Boston lockdown

BOSTON (WKOW) -- Middleton teen Joe Hanrahan's freshman year at Boston University now includes experiencing a lockdown on his campus, in his city, as hundreds of law enforcement officers searched for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings and the killing of a police officer.

"You can see police everywhere," Hanrahan told 27 News, before the mass lockdown was lifted early Friday evening.

The 18-year old Hanrahan's father, Dane County Judge William Hanrahan, told 27 News he remained in contact with his son through text messages, and trusted his son's judgment.

"He's a smart kid. He's somewhat street savvy," Judge Hanrahan says.

"He's the son of a prosecutor and a former police officer. So he's aware of the some bad things that go on in the world."

Joe Hanrahan tells 27 News aspects of the gun battle between police officers and the bombing suspects in Friday's early morning hours could be heard on the Boston University campus.

"It's right across the river from we're at the 'U', right across the Charles River in Cambridge there. Non-stop sirens the entire night."

Hanrahan also saw a portion of the Boston Marathon, and its chaotic aftermath. He says law enforcement personnel were impressive in clearing crowds and getting people to safety.

Hanrahan says students appeared to abide by the lockdown restrictions, with virtually no cars or pedestrians on a busy avenue skirting campus during the lockdown period.


BOSTON (WKOW) -- 18-year old Joe Hanrahan of Middleton is like the rest of the city of Boston - on lockdown, at Boston University, as hundreds of law enforcement officers search for a suspect in Boston Marathon bombings, and the killing of a police officer.

"You can move around campus. You can see the police everywhere," the freshman student tells 27 News on the phone from campus.

"But if you wander away from the campus a little bit onto Commonwealth Ave(nue) right over there, which is one of the busiest streets in our area, there's hardly any cars, and there are almost no people walking up and down," Hanrahan says.

Hanrahan's father is Dane County Judge William Hanrahan.

"He needs to be on high alert," Judge Hanrahan tells 27 News.

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