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Norwex Cleaning Cloth: Does it Work?


MADISON (WKOW) -- It's the Norwex solution to every cleaning challenge in your kitchen and bathroom.

We put the Norwex cloth to the test to answer the question…does it work?

Norwex says to add warm water and the environmentally friendly and free of chemicals cleaning cloth does the rest.

"I usually just use an all purpose cleaner," said Madison resident, Bobbi Snethen.

Take a look in your cleaning supply cabinet. You probably have a lot of conventional cleaners. Like most of us, you've used these products for years. Norwex offers an alternative.

"I was really excited to see if this towel worked because I could save a lot of money," said Madison resident, Stephanie Miller.

Norwex's mission is to benefit your health, money and environment. The enviro-cloth claims to remove dust, dirt and grease from all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, walls and mirrors. The Norwex cloth doesn't use any chemicals.

To use it, all you have to do is take the cloth and add warm water.

Norwex cloths have micro-silver in the fibers, which will not kill bacteria, but it will stop bacteria from growing. We scientifically tested the amount of bacteria on a surface after cleaning with a conventional cleaner and the Norwex cloth.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Biology Education helped with the test using a Petri dish.

Based on one sample test, the Norwex cloth was just as effective as the conventional cleaner. The bacteria was minimal in both of the Petri dishes.

Stephanie and Bobbi like the Norwex cleaning cloth, but they have a common concern. They miss the familiar, distinct smell of the conventional cleaning chemicals.

"Having a smell is another reminder that everything is finally clean," said Stephanie.

Stephanie gives the Norwex cloth two out of four stars. Bobbi gives the cloth three out of four stars.

The enviro and polish cloth cost about $34. The company has other products for sale like mops and dusting mitts. Locally, independent consultants sell Norwex products during at-home parties or you can buy the cloth online.

There is a two-year warranty.

Click here for more information about the Norwex cloth or click here to find an independent consultant in your area.

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