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27 Kids Who Matter - Jewelry making for Mother's Day


MADISON (WKOW) -- It's often said that jewelry is one way to win a woman's heart. That's why Big Brothers Big Sisters gave some of their kids the chance to tour a local jewelry shop.

In our continuing series 27 Kids Who Matter, we followed along as ten little brothers and sisters made their very own presents for their moms this Mother's Day.

When you're a kid it's not easy to express the love you feel for your mom. Even with an allowance it's tough to know what to buy. So many feel they should make it instead.

"We're teaching kids not only about everything related to the industry and all the different types of careers, but they're also giving back to their moms," Big Brothers Big Sisters Chief Executive Director Dora Zuniga says.

They're making silver heart pendants the same way professionals at Chalmer's Jewelry make their custom orders.

"They started out by learning how to do the design," Tammy Stanek of Chalmer's Jewelry explains.

Then comes the molding, the casting and eventually the engraving. For ten little brothers and sisters and their mentors, it's an interesting look at the art of jewelry.

"To actually see how it was made was pretty cool," little sister Jada says.

Jada even got to weld her own piece together using a hot flame and solder as she put the finishing touches on her necklace.

"It was very scary, like nerve-wracking actually," Jada laughs.

In the end her necklace turned out just fine.

"It was a great thing to be able to do with my little. Spend time together and learn something about jewelry making," big sister Mimi says.

The jewelry making event is all part of Big Brothers Big Sisters effort to introduce their kids to careers in the community. They're looking for other businesses to get involved in the program.

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