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Ohio man's ex-relatives describe abusive behavior


CLEVELAND (WKOW) -- Former relatives of a man accused of holding three women captive for a decade in his Cleveland home say he terrorized the mother of his children, beating her and locking her indoors.

Elida Caraballo is the sister of Grimilda Figueroa, who left Ariel Castro years ago and died last year. She spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday as did Monica Stephens, a daughter-in-law of Figueroa now living in Florida.

Caraballo says Castro shoved Figueroa into a cardboard box and ordered her to stay there.

Caraballo also says Castro startled her sister by jumping in front of her with a mannequin as she climbed stairs and she fell and injured her head.

Figueroa died last year after a long battle with illness.

Castro could face aggravated murder charges for the termination of his captives' pregnancies. According to an initial police incident report, Michelle Knight, one of the women held captive, became pregnant at least five times while in Castro's home.

According to investigators, Castro "starved her for at least two weeks, then he repeatedly punched her in the stomach until she miscarried."

Castro was arraigned on four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. His bond has been set for $8 million dollars.

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