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UPDATE: Triple homicide suspect bound over for trial


DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- A Lafayette County judge Monday bound over Jaren Kuester for trial, on felony charges in the homicides of three senior citizens.

During a preliminary hearing for the 31-year old Kuester, Lafayette County detective sergeant Joseph Thompson testified he interviewed Kuester twice, after the deaths of 70-year old Gary Thoreson, his 66-year old wife Chloe, and his 76-year old brother Dean Thoreson.

Thompson testified during his second interview with Kuester, Kuester "...told me he had killed three people."

Authorities say the victims were found in the Thoreson couple's home last month.

Thompson testified Kuester refused to be interviewed after law enforcement officers made contact with Kuester at his father's Waukesha apartment complex after the killings.

But Thompson said Kuester requested an interview with Thompson later.

Thompson testified Kuester said he drove from Waukesha to rural Green County, turning down roads periodically because he thought he was being followed, and abandoned his SUV on a driveway. Thompson said Kuester told him he took off his clothes, hiked through rough terrain, holed-up in a barn, but later broke into a home because he was cold.

During questioning by Lafayette County district attorney Kate Findley, Thompson testified when first Dean Thoreson, and later the Thoreson couple, arrived at the home, Kuester said he struck them with a fireplace poker, and used a "knife" on Chloe Thoreson. During cross examination, Thompson changed his testimony to reference a sharp object, instead of a knife, as being what Kuester told him was used.

Thompson also said when he first talked to Kuester in Waukesha, Kuester, of Milwaukee had blood on his hands, scratches and a lump on his head.

Authorities say Kuester did not know the victims.

In binding him over trial, Judge William Johnston said there was evidence Kuester probably committed a felony. Kuester is charged with three counts of first degree intentional homicide, and also charged in connection to the breaking into the home, and stealing valuables, including one of the victims' pick-up truck.

Kuester's father, James Kuester, was in the court gallery, but left the courtroom without comment. Two newspapers have reported James Kuester unsuccessfully tried to have his son committed to a mental health institution in the days before the killings.

An arraignment for Jaren Kuester is scheduled June 3. Kuester is being held on $3 million bail.


UPDATE (WKOW) --- A Waukesha man accused of killing three people in Lafayette County will go to trial.

A Lafayette County judge ordered that Jaren Kuester, 31, be bound over for trial.

At the preliminary hearing Monday, the Lafayette County Sheriffs Sgt. who interviewed Kuester, made his statement on the witness stand.

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DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- A Waukesha man accused of killing three strangers in Lafayette County is back in court Monday.

Jaren Kuester, 31, was just in court Friday for his initial appearance. He'll be back for a preliminary hearing Monday afternoon.

Kuester is charged with three counts of First Degree Intentional Homicide, one count of burglary and one count of taking a vehicle without consent.

Investigators say Kuester killed an older couple, Gary and Chloe Thoreson, and Gary's brother, Dean Thoreson in their home using a fireplace poker.

Friday, Kuester's attorney said he's considering an insanity plea. He said his client seems competent, but is confused about reality and delusion.

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