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Trend of young people using flowers to get high


MADISON (WKOW) -- Parents may want to take another look at the flowers in their yard after reports of the new, startling trend of young people smoking and consuming flowers to get high and hallucinate.

The flowers they're using, in some cases, are part of the datura plant family and flourish in parks and backyards.

"It's not something I would recommend that anybody ingest," said Roberta Sladky at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison.  "And it's known to be quite variable in its properties so it can be very dangerous."

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, ingesting or smoking the datura flower can result in an intense, sometimes 30-plus hour trip, rife with vivid hallucinations.

Other common side effects are anxiety, heart palpitations, paranoia and vomiting.

Thousands are hospitalized and hundreds are killed by datura use every year.

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