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Oak Creek officer involved in Sikh temple shooting to retire


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- WISN in Milwaukee reports the first officer to respond to the Oak Creek Sikh temple shooting will retire from the force.

Lieutenant. Brian Murphy told WISN 12 News he will retire from the Oak Creek Police Department June 12.  Murphy submitted his retirement letter to the Chief Wednesday morning.

August 5, after reports of a shooter at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Murphy was the first officer on the scene.  As his own squad video showed, Murphy and the shooter exchanged gunfire.  Murphy was first struck in the face, damaging his vocal cords.  As he moved, the shooter persisted and Murphy was hit several more times before taking cover under a vehicle. 

"It got quiet. It got very warm," Murphy said. "Your eyes start getting a little bit heavy and I thought, I'm not going out like this.  I refuse to go out on a parking lot; not happening."  He began to crawl toward his squad in an attempt to get his shotgun, as his revolver fell from his hands when his thumb was shot.

"The shooter came around again and he fired a bunch more times," Murphy said. "At one point -- it was after he hit me in the back of the head -- I just thought, is that not enough? Did you not shoot me enough times?"

In total, Murphy was shot 15 times -- 12 to his body, three went into his protective vest.  He stayed conscious and calm the entire time.

He's not sure what is retirement plans hold, however, he has thought about teaching. 

Murphy says he and his family may take a trip to India, as guests of some Sikhs who wish to thank him for his service. 

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