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UW-Madison students pleased with tuition freeze


MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Walker has proposed the first two-year tuition freeze in UW-System history. It's an exciting move for many students in Madison, who've continuously seen their tuition go up.

"When you talk about tuition hikes, you're like, can I do this or can I not? Sometimes you gotta put things on hold," graduate student Sarah Cormell says. But those concerns will be put on hold for two years now. 

"We are really pleased and applaud the tuition freeze that has gained bipartisan support," says Beth Huang of the United Council of UW Students. The organization has done extensive lobbying for a freeze. "We heard about students eating Ramen, we heard about students not buying books for a year and a half," Huang says.

The decision comes after lawmakers learned the UW-system had hundreds of millions of dollars in reserve funds.

"I was in favor of the tuition freeze prior to the debate going on about our reserve," Student Regent Katie Pointer says. She believes the system can't keep relying on tuition money, but has concerns about the Governor's proposal to lower the budget increase he had planned for the UW-System, from $181 million to about $87 million.

"We're more concerned if this is going to be a one time cut or if it's going to continue in the future," Pointer says. It's something the board hopes to convince the state, should not be the case.

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