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Triplets graduate in three different commencement ceremonies


MADISON (WKOW)-- College graduation is a fun and exciting time for families, but for the Verhasselt family it's all multiplied by three.

The first time you get a look at Kyle, Stephanie and Ashley, you'd probably assume they're best friends, but besides being friends they're also siblings, triplets to be exact.

"We were born within the same minute," Stephanie Verhasselt says.

Growing up in Freedom Wisconsin, a few miles South of Green Bay, the siblings never imagined that one day they'd all be attending the same college.

"We're first generation college students. It was really just, this school just fit all of us," Ashley Verhasselt says.

The college fit them in three different ways, one enrolling in the business school, another majoring in Social Welfare and the last studying Biology. That means they'll have to attend three different graduations in one weekend.

"I have a 2:30 today (Saturday) and unfortunately the girls both have two different ceremonies tomorrow (Sunday) that we might have to sit through," Kyle Verhasselt says.

It's pretty rare to find a set of triplets that all three go to the same school and are all three graduating on the same weekend. What is even more rare is finding a set of triplets as close as these three siblings are. In fact, the two sisters actually lived together their last two years of college.

"It ended up working out fine for us. We still love each other....I think," Stephanie laughs.

After graduation the siblings will each go on to do their own things. Two are going into the work force and the other is headed to grad school.

In their four years of college a lifelong friendship has strengthened. A friendship that will keep them close no matter where their futures will take them.

"We've always shared our big events together. From graduating high school, drivers license, getting into college together. So this is just one more we can add to the list," Stephanie says.

Both Stephanie and Ashley will graduate from the College of Letters and Science, but since their majors start with letters on the opposite ends of the alphabet, they'll have to walk in two different ceremonies Sunday. Kyle had his graduation Saturday afternoon.

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