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Effects of bullying into adult life


MADISON (WKOW) -- We often hear about bullying in schools and among children, but the problem stretches even further than that.

Gabriella van Rij, a bullying prevention expert, was bullied throughout her childhood through young adulthood for being "different." She not only endured bullying from her peers, but also from her adoptive parents.

In response to the recent outlook on bullying, she opted to write about her experiences and the lessons she learned.

Van Rij says often bullying from childhood can continue on into adulthood.

"I believe if we don't handle it as children, then we take it with us to the workplace," van Rij said. "For example, a bully that's never been caught, if I can say that, as a child will continue the bad habits that its learned in adulthood."

She says over 50 percent of the adult population has reportedly experienced some form of bullying or violence at work, home or in the community. She says often times adult bullying is same-gender harassment and over 80 percent of workplace bullies are bosses.

"Every bystander needs to become an active witness because we see it in the workforce but we don't say anything because we are afraid for our own job," van Rij said.

If you'd like more information about van Rij or her books, click here.

Van Rij joined us on 27 News at 5 on Tuesday to share her experience and discuss the problem of bullying.

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