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Sen. Baldwin delivers first speech from Senate floor


MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin lawmaker Tammy Baldwin delivered her first speech from the Senate floor Wednesday.

Baldwin talked about struggles in Wisconsin. "These are particularly tough times for my state. Even as the national economy is rebounding, the businesses in Wisconsin and the middle class families in my state really remain stuck in neutral," Baldwin said.

The Madison-native, who spent more than a decade as a Wisconsin Congresswoman, says her fellow lawmakers need to stay away from political rhetoric and focus on their constituents.

She also emphasized a large gap she sees between Washington and everyday Wisconsinites. "I think part of it is to refuse to engage in the partisan talking to points and to instead focus very seriously on the debate that needs to occur to start growing our middle class again," Baldwin said about bridging the gap.

Baldwin says she's like to see more manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin. One ways she sees that happening is by leveling the playing field in the global marketplace.

When asked about the bipartisan immigration bill that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, Baldwin said she's looking forward to supporting and strengthening the measure once it hits the Senate floor.

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