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Debate over Voter ID, other election reforms on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- With Voter ID still unsettled in Wisconsin, more election reforms are already on their way.

As judges continue to debate the merits of that law, one Republican is hoping to pass legislation which takes the issue out of their hands.

That is the featured topic on this weekend's edition of Capitol City Sunday.

One day after an appeals court shot down the Wisconsin League of Women Voters' argument that Voter ID is unconstitutional, their leader says she believes other challenges to the law will succeed.

"The evidence that's been provided for the other state case, lawsuit, shows that its about 300,000 qualified residents of Wisconsin that this affects," said Andrea Kaminski, the Wisconsin LWV Executive Director.

That's why Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greenfield) authored a comprehensive election reform bill.  It would allow several groups to opt out of showing an ID at the polls, including the poor, those with religious objections and those who can't obtain the proper documentation for an ID.

"We felt it was a way to move Photo ID forward, because right now we don't have Photo ID," said Rep. Stone.

But the provision also allows challenges to ballots cast by those who don't present a photo ID.

"If there's a recount of an election it would be subject, you know, you could verify the affirmation that was done in order to cast that ballot could be verified as part of the canvassing," said Rep. Stone.

"We think it compromises the privacy of the ballot," countered Kaminski.

Opponents also dislike a provision that would eliminate a law that allows people to register to vote by showing electronic documentation.

"I got feedback that many times its difficult to read an item on a cell phone, you know, the screens aren't that big," said Rep. Stone.

Kaminski says her poll observers approve of that process.

"They did not observe election officials having a problem with the electronic documents," said Kaminski.

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