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Monona's anti-bullying ordinance holds parents accountable

MONONA (WKOW) -- The city of Monona is putting a unique twist on its effort to combat bullying.

City council members approved an ordinance that holds parents responsible for their child's bad behavior. Parents could be ticketed or fined in court if their child, under age 18, is repeatedly bullying or harassing others.

"It does a few things. One is, I think it clearly defines a value that this city has. A value that people should be able to be safe and feel safe in their community," says city alder Brian Holmquist.

Holmquist says while the city was considering adopting the ordinance, many people came to him and said it's about time that they make sure parents are aware of their children's behavior, and make sure it's corrected.

Holmquist says the ordinance is a last resort for police officers and they hope it's rarely used.

According to a report in the Wisconsin State Journal, an initial citation carries a $114 fine. Offenses after that would cost $177 each.

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