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Couple celebrates 80 years of marriage


GREAT NECK, NEW YORK (WKOW) -- A couple from New York is celebrating 80 years of marriage.

Herman and Bertie Solomon tied the knot in 1933. They marked their 80th wedding anniversary with a party at their senior living center in Great Neck, on Long Island.

Herman and Bertie's love story began when they were teenagers in Brooklyn. Herman, who is about to turn 103 years old, worked for an electrical contracting company at the time. Bertie's brother owned it. Herman says, "After being there for about a year, he says 'Hey Herman, I have a kid sister waiting by the telephone, how would you like to take her to a movie.' I said 'I'm not ready for that yet.'"


Herman got ready and gave Bertie a call. The couple now has two daughters, four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. One daughter says, "I think they have a wonderful genuine feeling of what love is.  They don't always show it in fairy tale ways.  But I think family is most important to them."

Nephew Sandy Libow remembers their wedding 80 years ago. He was their ring bearer. "It was amazing to be here today to just think about going back that this is 80 years that they're married and I was the ring bearer."

Eight decades later Bertie and Herman still enjoy the movies, music and just holding hands. Bertie says, "We appreciate each other and we try to do whatever we can for each other."

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