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No criminal liability for officers involved in standoff shooting


MADISON (WKOW) --- The Dane County District Attorney's Office has concluded there is no potential criminal liability for the Madison Police officers involved in the shooting death of Brent E. Brozek on May 17, 2013.

On May 17, the City of Madison Police Department assisted the Dane County Sheriff's Department with an eviction at 947 Rockefeller Lane in Madison.

Officers were on scene of a standoff for a large portion of the day.

Afterwards, Madison Police remained on the scene to surveillance Brozek as he had been seen during the standoff with a sword.

Officers observed Brozek putting on multiple layers of clothing, including a full length motorcycle riding suit and a leather jacket over it.

He was also seen putting on a belt with a sword handle on it.

At 8:57 p.m. Brozek exited his residence and walked to the sidewalk where he was met by police.

Residents in the area heard police yell, "Put it down, we need to talk to you." " Drop it, drop it." "You better stop, you better get down."

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne says Brozek was armed with a sword, a hatchet, and a knife when he approached police with his German Shepard off leash.

After officers gave verbal commands to stop, a bean bag was used striking Brozek in the right hip area with little to no effect.

Squad car video shows Brozek bringing the sheath of his sword up as he moved towards he marked squad.

He then came around at officers with the sword drawn and raised it as if he was going to strike them.

Three officers fired a total of eleven rounds from their weapons until Brozek stopped advancing at them.

D.A. Ismael Ozanne says responding to that threat with deadly force is permitted under the law.

Witness statements and video are consistent with each other.

The Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation conducted a thorough investigation and determined no criminal liability on part of the officers involved.

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