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First lawsuit filed in deadly Philly building collapse


PHILADELPHIA (WKOW) – The first of what could be several lawsuits has been filed against the building owner and demolition company after a building collapse in Philadelphia killed six people and injured 13.

The lawyer representing the woman says the building's contractor violated a number of federal safety regulations and claims the building's owner was "grossly negligent" when choosing the contractor.  The woman is seeking financial damages after being buried in the rubble.

A motion filed in court on Thursday asks that the building owner and the demolition company preserve any evidence related to the building, including written records.

Philadelphia is inspecting hundreds of demolition sites and a criminal investigation appears to be underway.  The mayor has promised a "wide-ranging" investigation into the collapse.

On Thursday, rescuers ended their search for survivors and victims.

The four-story building toppled onto an attached Salvation Army thrift shop Wednesday morning, trapping employees and others.  Those killed in the collapse included a woman who was working her first day at the store.

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