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UPDATE: Stowe's freedom still possible after federal hearing


MADISON (WKOW) -- Serial sex assault suspect Brian Stowe still has a chance to gain his freedom, despite a new federal charge against him.

Authorities say Stowe was arrested Tuesday on a federal warrant, on a charge of a making a visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexual contact.

Stowe appeared in federal court in Madison Wednesday. But Magistrate Judge Stephen Crocker put off any decision on whether Stowe will continue to be detained or released, until a court services officer prepares a report on release considerations, including protection of the public. Stowe's attorney of record, Dennis Coffey was also unable to attend the detention hearing.

Crocker said another detention hearing will be scheduled for later this week, or Monday.

In state court, Stowe is charged with sixty two felony crimes. Authorities say Stowe sexually assaulted several women, most of them co-workers, when they were unconscious or passed out. Stowe is also charged with making videos of the women when they were nude. Authorities say Stowe's actions with one of the victims in October, a 17-year old girl, led to both state charges and the federal charge.

Stowe had been free on $527,000 bail, until his Tuesday arrest.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Brian Stowe, the Madison man facing 62 felony charges of drugging and sexually assaulting women makes an appearance in a federal courtroom Wednesday morning.

Stowe was booked into the Dane County jail Tuesday afternoon, this time on a federal warrant for sexual exploitation of a child.  Last week, Stowe posted more than $500,000 cash bail.

Stowe will either be released after this federal hearing, or held for the duration of the case.


MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison man facing 62 felony charges of drugging and sexually assaulting women was back in jail Wednesday morning and could soon appear on a federal charge.

27 News spoke with Dane County jail Wednesday morning and they said 28-year-old Brian Stowe was arrested again Tuesday. This time on a federal warrant for sexual exploitation of a child.

He was booked into the Dane County jail Tuesday afternoon. Stowe had been out on bail, after posting more than $500,000 cash.

On this new federal charge, Stowe would either be released after appearing in court or held for the duration of the case. A new court appearance has not yet been scheduled.


MADISON (WKOW) -- 28-year old Brian Stowe of Madison was charged Monday with sixty-two felony crimes, more than thirty of them involving what authorities say was the sexual assault of unconscious or sleeping women.

Authorities say Stowe was arrested last month, and released last week, when his mother, Sonia Stowe of Elm Grove posted his $500,000 bail. Dane County Court Commissioner Todd Meuer upped Stowe's bail Monday by $27,000, and ordered he surrender a British passport. A A Dane County Sheriff's official says Stowe met the additional bail conditions and was released Monday after two hours in custody.

A criminal complaint states Stowe either sexually assaulted, or videotaped nude, or both, eight women, dating back to 2009. The complaint states several of the women were Stowe's co-workers at a Verona company.The complaint states one of the victims was videotaped during a ski trip to Colorado.

Coffey says Stowe was fired from the company last week.

Assistant Dane County District Attorney Corey Stephan argued for more than $800,000 bail, claiming Stowe had told friends and his former employer video material on computers seized from him were blown out of proportion by authorities.

But Stephan said Stowe's actions were not something from "...an after-bar practical joke that went awry."

According to the criminal complaints, victims, several who described themselves as Stowe's friends, viewed the seized videos with investigators and had no idea they have been videotaped, and in some cases, sexually touched.

Authorities say a 17-year old girl who shared a cab with Stowe in October 2012 told police she was sexually assaulted, after she went to his apartment, drank a glass of water and became drowsy. Records state the girl awoke several times during her night at Stowe's apartment to find she was being assaulted, but was not sufficiently awake to stop his actions or leave.

A status conference for Stowe was scheduled July 1.


MADISON (WKOW) --- 28-year-old Brian Stowe is charged with 62 felony counts including sexual assault, and videotaping women dating back to 2009.

According to search warrant affidavits, authorities say Stowe sexually assaulted as many as nine women.

Stowe is in court today.

Tony Galli is following this story here on WKOW.com and on 27 News at 5 & 6.

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