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UPDATE: Student speaks, Walker gives no reason for nomination withdrawal


MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Walker has withdrawn his nomination for a UW-Platteville student to serve as a regent. Some lawmakers are responding by asking him to reconsider.

Monday, Walker's office announced Joshua Inglett's appointment to the UW-System's Board of Regents. Now everything has changed for the Portage-native studying engineering physics.  

"My comment's just going to be that we withdrew the nomination and there's plenty of other good candidates we've looked at and we'll look at in this case," Walker said Thursday after speaking at a forum at the Monona Terrace.

Wednesday, reported Inglett had signed the petition to recall Governor Walker. Inglett told 27 News he did sign it, and told the governor's office the same when they called following the article. Hours later, he says he got another call from Walker's office telling him his nomination had been withdrawn.

"Again, I wasn't involved in that directly. In the interest of not pulling him through the details on this, we withdrew the nomination and we'll be submitting another name," Walker said when asked about the phone calls. He would not comment on whether the petition had to do with the decision.

Democratic Representative Peter Barca says Walker should be above this. "It just seems like they absolutely do not tolerate any dissent, anybody who has alternative opinions," Barca said.

Republican Senator Dale Schultz and Democratic Senator Jon Erpenbach are asking Walker to reconsider. "It appears he did nothing more than sign a petition," Schultz states in a letter to the governor.

"Governing by paranoia is not going to get us anywhere," Erpenbach said in a release Thursday.

Inglett says he was honest throughout the entire process and was looking forward to serving the UW-System.


MADISON (WKOW) -- UW-Platteville student Joshua Inglett tells 27 News he told the Governor's office he had signed a recall petition Wednesday. He says later that day the Governor's office called him and told him his nomination to the UW Board of Regents had been withdrawn.

Inglett says he had never been asked if he signed recall petition prior to Wednesday.

Inglett says he was "very excited for the opportunity to serve the system" and was completely honest with the Governor's office.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Gov. Scott Walker has withdrawn the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents nomination of a UW-Platteville student whose name appears on the petition to recall Walker.

Walker spokesman Tom Evenson would not comment Thursday on why Joshua Inglett's nomination was being withdrawn. reported on Wednesday that Inglett's name was on a database of those who signed the petition that led to Walker's recall election last year.

A message left with Inglett on Thursday was not immediately returned.

Inglett was one of three appointees to the Board of Regents announced on Monday. The state Senate was expected to vote on his appointment as early as next week.

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