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Rally for new gun control bill at Capitol


MADISON (WKOW) -- A group gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday to bring attention to a new bill that one lawmaker says would protect gun rights in Wisconsin.

Republican Rep. Michael Schraa, of Algoma, authored the bill which was introduced this week. The "Firearms Freedom Act" aims to shield Wisconsin from federal gun control laws. The bill bans state and local police from enforcing any federal laws on firearms, firearm accessories, magazines or types of bullets.

The bill was the focus of a rally celebrating the 2nd Amendment at the Capitol on Saturday. Organizers say they hope to bring attention to the new measure.

"Now that there's a call again coming out for increased gun control, this is, the timing of Rep. Schraa's bill is actually very fortuitous," says Charles Brey, president of "United in Freedom".

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the bill only applies to federal gun regulations passed after January 1st. Federal officials would still be able to enforce laws, but local and state police would not.

Madison attorney Lester Pines tells the Journal Sentinel the bill would be meaningless and unconstitutional.

If passed, local officers who enforce federal laws could be charged with a misdemeanor and firearms made in Wisconsin would be exempt from federal regulations.

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