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UPDATE: Dash cam video released in officer-involved shooting


MADISON (WKOW) -- Authorities surrounded 43-year-old Brent Brozek's home for several hours on May 17. What was supposed to be the serving of an eviction notice turned into a standoff. Now, police have released squad car dash cam video showing how quickly the situation became fatal.

"At this point you can see there are three squad cars there, those are the three officers involved and Mr. Brozek there with the dog, coming down and approaching on the sidewalk," Captain Mary Schauf told reporters as the video played Thursday.

The time stamp shows it happened just before 9:00 p.m. While there's no audio on the squad car video, police say they shouted verbal commands as Brozek approached.

Schauf points out a projectile. She says officers fired a non-lethal bean bag at him, but Brozek didn't slow down. "He was wearing some very thick leather clothing at the time," Schauf says about why he may not have been affected. She says the clothing would have also protected him from a taser.

It's hard to see in the video, but police say he reaches for a sword on his left side and attacks an officer standing behind his squad car. A report from the DA's Office says officers fired 11 rounds. Brozek was killed on the scene.

Following protocol, Officers Ryan Orvis, Ryan Finnegan and Scott Templeton were put on administrative leave. Thursday, we learned  the officers have been cleared after an internal review by the Madison Police Department.

The DA's office cleared the men of any criminal liability earlier this month.


MADISON (WKOW)  --- The investigation into the Rockefeller Lane, officer-involved shooting shows the officers did use proper use of force.

Madison Police Officers, Ryan Orvis, Ryan Finnegan, and Scott Templeton have been exonerated regarding the May 17, 2013 shooting.

The officers are still on leave, but are clear to begin work again as they feel ready.

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