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UPDATE:Protesters will be cited after being removed from Senate


MADISON (WKOW) -- Tense moments took place Thursday right outside the state senate chambers, as protesters tried to force their way into the chamber and the senate floor, as senators debated the proposed state budget.

Protesters and onlookers say civilian, senate pages stopped at least one protester on the edge of the legislative chamber's floor.

Police officers detained other protesters in the senate's vestibule.

Department of Administration spokesperson Stephanie Marquis says eight people were removed outside the senate chambers before they were able to "rush" the floor.

Protester Peter Adamczak, who was using a wheelchair, was not arrested, but was involved in the scuffle in the crowded vestibule area.

Adamczak says the protest push was motivated by the senate's previous approval of additional abortion restrictions, including requiring a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound procedure.

Adamczak also says the recent ouster of protesters for placing duct tape over their mouths, and other protest restrictions, have caused friction.

Despite the sound of chanting in the vestibule during the arrests cascading over the continuing senate debate on the floor, lawmakers continued their work, almost without any interruption.

Marquis says the arrested protesters will face disorderly conduct charges.


UPDATE (WKOW) --- Capitol Police say they removed eight protesters Thursday from outside the Senate Chambers.

The protesters were protesting about the abortion debate.

The Wisconsin Department of Administration says the individuals will be cited with disorderly conduct.

The protesters did try to break into the Senate floor, but security stopped them before they reached any of the lawmakers.


MADISON (WKOW) --- A group of protesters broke into the Senate chambers during the budget debate.

Police handcuffed multiple people after protesters overturned a table.

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