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Boscobel hit with heavy flooding Saturday morning


BOSCOBEL (WKOW)-- Flood waters hit more than 600 homes and businesses in the town of Boscobel early Saturday morning.

Grant County officials say no one was killed or injured in the event.

"I'm devastated. I love my home," Boscobel resident Misty Molzof says. "I worked really hard to get here."

Saturday morning brought terrible news for single mother Misty Molzof. While fishing an hour away she received the call that her home was flooded.

"I bawled. I'm devastated," Molzof says.

Neighbors were already waiting when she got home. They managed to drain the water from her living room and kitchen, but the basement was a different story. At noon it was still filled to the brim with water.

Emergency management officials in Grant County believe Boscobel was hit the hardest with flooding because of the creek that runs through town. The water overflowed the creek's banks and started leaking into people's homes.

Eight local fire departments worked to clear streets and bridges.

"Probably two-thirds of the roads here in Boscobel were closed," Emergency Management Director Steve Brown says. "Initially we had a lot of rescue calls. We had our technical teams out that evacuated some elderly folks and medical needs folks from their homes."

For residents it's almost too much to bear, but with the help of a few dedicated neighbors they plan to make it through this one day at a time.

"It really makes you realize how important life is and how important these people are. It's important to take time for them because they're here when you need them too," Molzof says.

Residents with damaged homes are asked to notify Grant County Emergency Management. Officials are building a mailing list to keep residents up to date with available resources and help.

Emergency management workers are also opening a City-County Resident Assistance Center at the Boscobel City Hall on Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The American Red Cross, Grant County Health Department, Grant County Center on Aging, Grant County Emergency Management and the City of Boscobel will have staff members available to work with anyone affected.

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