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UPDATE: Pilot, only 19, commended for safe emergency landing


TOWN OF BEAVER DAM (WKOW) -- The Dodge County Sheriff's Office released more information about the aircraft that made an emergency landing on June 23rd.

The pilot was 19-year-old Remington Viney.  Viney had earned her pilot's license last year.  She told police that a switch malfunctioned during the flight which enables her to switch fuel tanks.  Then, the aircraft lost power.

Lieutenant Brian Loos says, "The pilot did a commendable job safely landing the plane in a recently planted corn field, which resulted in all persons on board being uninjured, and the aircraft was not damaged."

The passengers on the flight were 62-year-old Daniel Imhoff, 68-year-old Rose Imhoff, and 49-year-old Tia Scanlon.  All occupants were family members from Madison that were flying back from eastern Wisconsin.


TOWN OF BEAVER DAM (WKOW) -- The Dodge County Sheriff's Office says a plane made an emergency landing in a field in the Town of Beaver Dam, about two miles away from the City of Beaver Dam.

Around 1:45 p.m. on June 23rd, Dodge County Sheriff's Department received a report from the Dane County Sheriff that a plane had made an emergency landing in what they thought was Columbus.  Not too long after, the occupants of the aircraft had called.  The plane made the emergency landing in a field around Canary Road and County Highway G.

There were only four occupants in the aircraft.  There are no reported injuries.  Police are on scene and the Federal Aviation Administration was notified.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office says it seems the aircraft had a problem with a fuel switch-over and ran out of fuel, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

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