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UPDATE: Boy saved, father dead after van plunges into WI harbor

Photo: WBAY-TV Photo: WBAY-TV

KEWAUNEE (WKOW) – A 40-year-old father is dead after his van crashed into a harbor in northeastern Wisconsin, but his 5-year-old son survived.

Kewaunee Police Chief Frank Salentine says the father was the only other person in the van.  His body was recovered nearby in about 16 feet of water. 

The man's name has not been released.

Kewaunee police responded to a report of a van that lost control and landed in the water near Kewaunee Harbor on Sunday.

WBAY-TV says witnesses were able to save the boy after they found him hanging onto the side of a boat.

Police say it's not immediately clear what caused the van to leave the road.


KEWAUNKEE (WKOW) -- Authorities are searching for a man who drove his car into the Kewaunee Harbor Sunday morning.

Kewaunee police say the 40-year-old man is presumed dead after driving into the harbor around 8:30 a.m.

Some witnesses tell WBAY-TV in Green Bay they were able to save the man's 5-year-old son who was also in the van.

"We actually had a guy in our campground that ran over there and pulled him out of the water and he actually had to go to the hospital because he had an anxiety attack from all the commotion and stuff," says Logan Wiesman, whose office was just 100 yards away from the harbor.

The coast guard and the Brown County Dive team along with other rescue agencies searched for the boy's father for several hours but couldn't find him. 

"They've switched to just getting that van out of there, that's their main concern right now, then if he's in there then the search is over, but if he's not then they will have to go back and start searching the waters again," says Chief Frank Salentine, with Kewaunee police.

It's still unclear how the van ended up in the harbor. An investigation is underway.

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