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Microburst leaves Darlington with big clean up Wednesday


DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- Some businesses, homes and cars became casualties of the wind Wednesday as a Microburst ripped through downtown Darlington. The storm left a sea of broken trees and debris in it's wake.

"We had about four trees go down, and we've had to cut those all up, get them out to the curb so the city can clean them up, Jeff King says.

Our meteorologists say the damage was caused by a pretty rare weather event called a Microburst. "A Microburst is a very localized column of rain cooled air. Now, cooler air is more dense or heavier than the surrounding air so it rushes from the cloud to the ground, spreads out in all directions -- it produces very heavy rainfall and as we've seen in Darlington, very destructive winds as well," 27 News' Laurie Mercurio says.

"It was raining so hard that you couldn't see across the street...and it was horizontal the rain," Sherry Ray tells WKOW.

In the city's center, one tree slammed into the brand new Veterans Memorial. Wind ripped the bricks off the side of a Main Street bar.

Dennis Murphy says pieces of his neighbor's roof landed on the back of his furniture store. "The odd thing about it is I just put this roof up last year," Murphy says.

He described the scene as "devastation" before clean up crews got to work Wednesday morning. Murphy says this is the first time the wind has damaged his property, instead of water.

"This just a new chapter, everything will be fine," he says.

Police say almost every local public safety agency responded to reports of storm damage in Darlington Wednesday morning, but there were no injures. Police say there is no estimate of damage available right now.

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