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McFarland preps for more flooding this week


MCFARLAND (WKOW)-- The old adage says it's always better to be safe than sorry.  That's the idea behind Wednesdays's sandbagging effort in the village of McFarland.

"This is really more of a precaution, a standby measure," Village Administrator Don Peterson says.

Wednesday morning's rainfall caused minor flooding at a handful of homes, streets and parks in the village of McFarland.

"Fortunately that all went down quickly once the rain finally stopped this morning," Peterson explains.

The flooding was only minor, but officials say the likelihood of future flooding is strong. In many areas the ground is completely saturated with rain water. That's why village leaders are concerned about even worse flooding later in the week.

"It's usually just high lake levels that are the greatest threat to private property," Peterson says.

Officials say the water levels of Lake Waubesa are already high. In a few days those levels could get even worse. It typically takes rain water 2-3 days to flow down the Yahara Chain of Lakes and into the McFarland area. Village officials are advising residents to take precautions because they don't know how much the water levels will rise.

"We're keep our fingers crossed that we don't get much more rain in the next few days here," Peterson says.

Dane County Emergency Management encourages all homeowners to prepare for flooding. Emergency officials say you should keep all valuable items and electronics off the basement floor and check your sump pump often to make sure it's working.


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