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Crime prevention board to include Sheriff, DA

MADISON (WKOW) -- Dane County is establishing a Crime Prevention board to include the sheriff and district attorney, as the state budget calls for a new surcharge to fund crime prevention efforts.

Board members Sheriff David Mahoney, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne and other local officials will divide surcharge proceeds equally between law enforcement and non-profit group crime prevention efforts.

The $20 surcharge applies to those convicted of felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Ozanne says uses of the money will vary, depending on the prevention needs of an area.

Board member and Dane County supervisor Tim Kiefer says an example of a surcharge-funded prevention effort would be expansion of a prescription drug drop-off program. Kiefer says abuse and theft of prescription drugs such as oxycontin are lessened through the disposal option.

County Board chairperson John Hendrick says the surcharge is estimated to provide Dane County $68,000 annually for prevention efforts.

The surcharge is in addition to other required costs and fees for those convicted of crimes. For those convicted of a misdemeanor, they total $67, with a felony, $92.

While Ozanne says the crime prevention surcharge is an appropriate part of a convicted person's debt to society, its imposition must be done carefully, and recognize the financial constraints of some of those with convictions. Board members say financial hardships will be factored into the assessment of the surcharge.


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