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Future of Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department unclear


SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- Still no decision on the future of the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department.

At a regularly-scheduled department meeting Thursday morning, the volunteers said they feel the city is being too hasty to move to a professional fire department. 

"We believe the city is moving too quickly, if they're looking to implement a city-run department that's supposed to be operational by January 1st," Cary Barr, the vice president of marketing for the department, said.

Earlier this month, the city council voted to disband the volunteer department, prompting a petition drive to keep the volunteer force. 

"We want to make sure all the residents in Sun Prairie are safe and there's no mischief happening between any parties," Barr said. "This is something the city and department are working on together."

Sun Prairie Mayor John Murray was at the meeting Thursday morning too. Barr says Murray wants to call a special city council meeting for next Tuesday to hear an alternate plan the volunteer fire department is offering.

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