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Columbia County officials say a cold case arrest could be coming soon


UPDATE (WKOW) -- There's a new spark in a murder case that had gone cold for over 12 years. Columbia County Sheriff Dennis Richards says they have a person of interest in the homicide investigation of Curtis Wylesky, who was found dead on a rural road near Fall River in 2001.

"It feels good to have a case that has been sitting idol for so long finally get moving again, and moving in the right direction," Richards says.

Richards says the person of interest was interviewed when the investigation started in 2001. The case was reassigned last year to get a fresh pair of eyes looking over the information.

"We have some evidence that has been sent to the crime lab. Of course from 2001 to currently there's things that are available that was not available in 2001," Richards says.

Authorities say they could tell Wylesky had been injured when they found his body laying outside his truck in a ditch on County Highway Z. Richards says the case has always been considered suspicious but the investigation simply went cold.

That year, investigators told 27 News Wylesky's cause of death was a cocaine overdose. "There was concern of what else might have happened," Richards says.

Investigators are still looking for outside help to solve the case and make an arrest, which Richards says could be coming soon.


UPDATE (WKOW) --- Sheriff Richards tells 27 News that the person of interested was interviewed back in 2001 as well as recently.

An arrest could be coming very soon, Richards says.

Richards also tells us, crime lab technology that was not available back in 2001 is what re-opened the case last year.


UPDATE (WKOW) --- The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says they have reopened the case of the death of Curtis Wylesky.

Wylesky was found dead on April 23, 2001 in a ditch on County Highway Z outside of Fall River.

Officials say he was found dead with injuries and have recently re-examined reports, autopsy, evidence, and the past investigation.

Some evidence is still being analyzed by the State Crime Lab.

A person of interest has been identified and interviewed recently.

Wylesky lived with his girlfriend near Beaver Dam when he died.

Anyone with information is asked to call Columbia County Sheriff's Detective at 608-742-4166 Ext. 3316.


COLUMBIA COUNTY (WKOW) – The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is reopening a cold case that happened 12 years ago saying it could be murder.

In April 2001, Curtis Wylesky was found near his truck along County Trunk Highway Z in the Township of Fountain Prairie.

Detectives have decided to take another look at the case because foul play is suspected.

Authorities are asking anyone who was traveling through the area at the time of the crime or with information about what happened to call the Columbia County Sheriff's Office at 608-742-4166 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-293-TIPS. 

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