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UPDATE: GPS technology helps local farmers monitor and harvest crops


DEFOREST (WKOW) -- Local farmers are using innovative technology to grow and monitor their fall crops.

New GPS systems in tractors will help consumers, but farmers say the local corn crop is not doing very well.

According to Dean Manthe, owner of Manthe Grain Farms, about 60 percent of his corn crop is doing well, but about 40 percent has been doing poorly this season. Manthe says he's concerned for the well-being of his product.

Manthe says his soybean crop has been doing "average", but he's watching the weather and conditions to make sure he has a good harvest.

Watch the video above to learn more.


DEFOREST (WKOW) -- New GPS technology in tractors will improve the way our local farmers monitor, grow and harvest crops.

This technology will also impact consumers. The growing season started with a soggy spring start, but the future conditions will be good with the use of this technology.

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