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UPDATE: Jeremy Wand sentenced to life in prison


LAFAYETTE COUNTY (WKOW) --- A judge has sentenced Jeremy Wand to life with the chance of parole after spending 35 years in prison.

A judge handed down that sentence late Thursday afternoon, after denying Wand's motion to withdraw his guilty plea.

Jeremy Wand helped his older brother, Armin Wand III set a fire last year that killed his three nephews and critically injured Armin's wife, Sharon. Sharon also lost her unborn child while recovering from the burns.

Sharon Wand spoke at the sentencing. She told Jeremy, "You could have saved them." She spoke about her three boys, who she says always looked up to their uncle. She asked, "Did you care that they would die a horrible painful death?" 

Prosecutors highlighted Jeremy's large role in the fires by having two investigators testify. Judge Thomas Vale says he weighed Jeremy's age, maturity and Armin's influence in the making his decision. Sharon Wand's opinion was also taken into consideration. She said if 19-year-old changes his ways, he could be given another chance.

Unlike Armin Wand III, Jeremy was given the chance of parole.


LAFAYETTE COUNTY (WKOW) -- A judge has denied a motion by Jeremy Wand and his lawyer to withdraw his previous guilty pleas.

At a hearing in Lafayette County Circuit Court Thursday morning, Wand's Frank Medina told the court there are questions in the case they would like addressed by a jury. Prosecutors argued the motion to withdraw his pleas "does not make sense."

Wand himself testified saying, "I don't believe all the witnesses for the prosecution are being totally honest."

In the end, the judge denied Wand's motion to withdraw his guilty pleas. That means he will be sentenced Thursday afternoon.

The court recessed until 1:00 p.m.


LAFAYETTE COUNTY (WKOW) -- A Green County judge will tell Jeremy Wand on Thursday morning whether he can withdraw his guilty pleas.

Prosecutors have accused Jeremy Wand of helping his brother, Armin Wand III, set a house fire last year in Argyle. If Jeremy Wand's pleas aren't withdrawn he will be sentenced on Thursday to life in prison, but if they are withdrawn the case will go to trial.

Jeremy Wand has pleaded guilty in Lafayette County Circuit Court to multiple felonies, but wants to withdraw the pleas because he says he was pressured into taking a deal.

Judge Thomas Vale will decide whether Jeremy can withdraw his guilty pleas. Jeremy is accused of helping his older brother, Armin Wand, start the fire last September that killed Armin's three sons and severely injured his wife, who also lost her unborn child.

Sharon Wand, Armin's wife, also has recanted statements implicating the brothers in the fire. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that a judge is unlikely to allow Jeremy to withdraw his guilty pleas.

If that's the case, Judge Vale will then decide whether Jeremy will serve three life terms concurrently or consecutively.

Armin Wand accepted a plea deal earlier this year. He's serving three life terms with no chance of parole at a state prison in Boscobel.

The motion hearing for Jeremy Wand is at 10:00 a.m. and the sentencing hearing is at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday in Lafayette County.

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