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Weak kidneys have not affected Jordan Wendt's love for racing


MADISON (WKOW) -- 17 year old Jordan Wendt won't let a few obstacles get in the way of what he likes to do. Jordan was born with a Grade-5 reflux to his kidneys, a failure to his organs that has requred him to go through 42 surgeries over time.

Jordan has weak kidneys, but he has a strong love for racing. He's been driving race cars since he was six years old, and currently races on the Legends Car Series at the Madison International Speedway. Jordan doesn't drive the fastest car on the track, but he drives the most liked one. He was selected the fan favorite in both 2011 and 2012.

Racing isn't the only activity Jordan involves himself in. He loves to volunteer his time to others in need. He's spent plenty of hours at a local childrens hospital in his home town, he serves as the mascot for the Madison Mustangs semi-pro football team and he has his own lawn care service where he does work for senior citizens.

In April 2013, after hearing the stories about the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, Jordan decided he wanted to help. He decided for every lap he completes this season at the Madison International Speedway, he'd donate a dollar to the victims of Boston.

Jordan has been on the list for a kidney transplant. In August 2013 he received a bit of good news. Jordan's second cousin on his father's side of the family got tested and is a perfect match for an organ donation. Jordan hopes to receive the kidney sometime in January 2014.

One of the main changes in the lives of those who undergo successful kidney transplants, is they receive more energy. Jordan's father Bill questions how a kid who already has 110% energy could receive any more. This provides the Wendt family with plenty of anticipation on what's to come in the life of their son Jordan.

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