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Badger football players 'Shave to Save'


MADISON (WKOW)- Some of the Badgers football players used their bye week to get a haircut for a good cause. The players participated in the 'Shave to Save' event. They had their heads shaved to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research at the American Family Children's Hospital.

Some young patients from the hospital served as the barbers in the football locker room. They smiled as they shaved several players, such as Ryan Groy, down to the skin.

"I think we did it for a good cause and , obviously, put some smiles on some young kids' faces. They're going through a lot. So, it's good to see. I know it will grow back. I'm not like (Jacob) Pedersen, going bald. So, I feel pretty good."

Some of the players sacrificed more than others. Ethan Armstrong had been growing his flowing locks for a year. Still, the senior says he didn't hesitate to participate.

"It definitely puts things in perspective for you. They're kids and they've been through a lot. It really is all about them. It gives you a really, really great perspective on what's important and what really matters."

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