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Badgers make a switch at kicker


MADISON (WKOW) -- Badgers football coach Gary Andersen is hoping Jack Russell will be able to kickstart a struggling kicking game. Andersen says the sophomore has replaced Kyle French as the top field goal option.

"Jack (Russell) will kick at the beginning going into Illinois. We'll see. We'll have some other kids kicking out there and see what the situation is."

French missed another field goal against Northwestern. He is 5-of-8 on the season. Russell, a native of Waunakee, has missed his only attempt this season. Andersen admits his lack of confidence in the kicking game will affect strategy moving forward.

"Yes...without question. It will impact us. The opportunity to us as we go forward in certain areas. I think the way Drew (Meyer) punts the ball also helps us there because, if he can kick it down there and get it inside the 10 yard line consistently like he's done, it allows you to have second thoughts about a long field goal or maybe not going for it as much, and given the defense, if they're playing well, asking somebody to go 90 yards if the defense is playing well is very tough. So it all plays into it, but to answer your question, yes, definitely, it's going to change how we look at things as we move forward."

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