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Waunakee reconsiders pit bull ban


UPDATE (WKOW) -- A longstanding ban on pit bulls is being reviewed in Waunakee. Village President John Laubmeier tells 27 News an attorney is drafting a new dangerous dogs ordinance that would not single out a specific breed.

It's a development that comes as resident Kelly Lappen fears her dog Clay could be taken away. "He's just a joy to have around, he's very friendly and outgoing," Lappen says about the pit bull she rescued about a year ago. Clay joined the family shortly after Lappen moved to Waunakee.

"Went to go look at him and instantly fell in love with him," she says. It wasn't until police knocked on her door in late August that Lappen learned Clay was not allowed to be living there. Waunakee had a pit bull ban on the books for more than a decade. "I can't wrap my mind around judging a dog by its breed."

Lappen says she visited local officials and started a Facebook page about the possibility of sending Clay away. Clay was even fostered during a few weeks of uncertainty.

The issue came up at a recent village board meeting. Wednesday, Laubmeier told 27 News the board had researched pit bulls bans and determined the measure may not make sense anymore. The proposal draft will be discussed at a November 4 board meeting, according to the village administrator.

Lappen says Clay is allowed to stay at home until a decision is made.


WAUNAKEE (WKOW) -- After decades on the books, Waunakee is reconsidering an ordinance that bans pit bulls.

Village President John Laubmeier tells 27 News a new proposal that deals with dangerous dogs is being drafted by the village attorney. He says after conducting research, village officials felt specifically banning pit bulls may not make sense.

The new draft of the ordinance comes amid a push from resident Kelly Lappen who learned of the long standing ban after adopting a pit bull named Clay. She's been pushing for a change in the breed specific language since Waunakee Police told her Clay would have to go.

Danielle Lama will have more from Lappen and Waunakee officials tonight on 27 News at 5&6.

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