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Gordon running into the Heisman race


MADISON (WKOW) -- Badgers head coach Gary Andersen has a pretty good idea what's running through the opposing coach's head when Melvin Gordon touches the ball.

"He is what college football has really turned into, in my opinion, in a lot of ways, and that's every single time the young man touches the ball, somebody or some coach somewhere is taking a big deep breath and saying, 'Watch out. Where's this going to stop?'."

Often, Gordon doesn't stop until he reaches the endzone. In fact, he is third in the nation with 11 rushing scores. He's second in the country with 1,012 rushing yards. The speedster is averaging an eye-popping 9.5 yards per carry. No one is enjoying the show more than Andersen.

"Been around a lot of good running backs that have been on the teams that I've been involved with, but nobody quite as dynamic in the run game as Melvin is."

Still, Gordon has not received a lot of national attention throughout this season. That is beginning to change. The sophomore isn't at the forefront of the Heisman Trophy conversation, but there are some whispers that are growing louder. Gordon has heard them, although he's surprised his name is mentioned among the nation's elite.

"I mean just how good the quarterbacks been playing, Manziel and all of those guys. They kind of take all of the attention. I mean they've been wowing me. I didn't really expect it."

Expected or not, Gordon's name will stay in the conversation as long as he keeps improving. Andersen has little doubt that will be the case.

"His natural ability is unbelievable, and he's done a great job of developing himself, but he wants to be even a better runner between the tackles. He wants to work on his protections. He knows he's got a lot to work on. You see him do that every single week in practice. He's a unique football player. He's a special football player."

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