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Snuggle House owner considers scrapping idea


MADISON (WKOW) -- The owner of a proposed, Madison business to feature cuddle therapy at $60 per hour tells 27 News he's laid off staff, turned away dozens of potential customers, and is close to abandoning the venture.

The Snuggle House owner Matthew Hurtado says he's been unable to obtain business liability insurance for the operation, although insurance for his professional snugglers is in place. Hurtado says because the business concept is relatively new, insurance underwriters are skeptical.

City officials require The Snuggle House to have proof of business insurance at its location on East Main Street in order to be issued an occupancy permit.

Hurtado says if insurance is not obtained within two weeks, he'll instead turn the downtown space into sales offices for his other business ventures.

City officials say they are concerned the cuddling on beds could turn into prostitution. Hurtado says the therapeutic touching is non-sexual, and is being practiced in some other cities.

Hurtado tells 27 News he's retained only two cuddlers, and is concerned further delay of the business' launch will convince his potential customer base the business is not serious about providing the service.

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