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DOES IT WORK? NIKE Band promotes being active


MADISON (WKOW) -- The NIKE Band promises to track your calories, your steps and your overall daily activity, but does it work?

After losing weight, Niketa from Madison, wants to make sure she stays on track with her health and weight loss progress. Niketa bought the NIKE Band to help her stay on track with her health.

"One of my friends on Facebook had it," said Niketa. "I looked it up and put it into Google and I was like that's amazing."

The NIKE Band is based on your movement. You wear it like a bracelet, tight around your wrist. You can set personal goals. For Niketa, she tries to walk 2,000 NIKE Fuel Points a day and burn about 800 calories.

"That normally means walking on my breaks, walking the stairs, walking on your lunch break and just moving in general," said Niketa.

Niketa tracked a one-week log of her progress. Based on the NIKE Band results, she moved about 27,000 steps, burned about 6,000 calories and walked 11 miles in about 63 hours.

Bryan Heiderscheit, the director of sports performance research for UW-Madison Athletics, says the NIKE Band should be used for recreational use. He says one discrepancy with the NIKE Band is how the device tracks your movement.

"It basically requires your wrist to move. If your wrist is stationary it won't determine any motion," said Heiderscheit. "If you do push-ups and your wrist is fixed on the floor, you may do 100 push ups and burn a lot of calories, but it will say you didn't do anything."

The NIKE Band does not track your heart rate or monitor movement in your sleep.

Heiderscheit rates the NIKE Band out of four stars.

"For a motivational tool for your recreational population, I would give it a 3.5," said Heiderscheit.

Niketa also gives the NIKE Band a 3.5 out of 4.

Another version of the NIKE Band will be released on Wednesday, November 6. The NIKE Band used in this story costs about $149 dollars. You can purchase it online or at a local Apple Store.

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