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Chad Chritton's father testifies in Chritton's retrial

MADISON (WKOW) -- Chad Chritton's father took the witness stand Friday in his son's child abuse retrial.

David Chritton says his granddaughter lived with him one summer in Minnesota, when she was ten.

The girl, now 16, testified earlier in the retrial her father participated in starving her and confining her to a basement. She collapsed after a portion of her testimony, but was able to later continue.

David Chritton testified when his granddaughter came to stay with him, it appeared she had missed out on her childhood, unable to ride a bike, or throw a ball. 

Chad Chritton's attorney has said Chritton was a concerned father, but overwhelmed by his daughter's mental health issues, but David Chritton testified he saw nothing abnormal about his granddaughter.

Chritton testified his son did express understandable concern over the girl having feelings of abandonment, if her stay in Minnesota went beyond the summer.

Chritton testified he was concerned about the girl's treatment at the hands of her stepmother, Melinda Drabek-Chritton. He said he came to Madison, and expressed those concerns to his son.

"And that was the end of the conversation," Chritton testified. "Chad just said, 'Leave'."

Drabek-Chritton is serving a prison term in connection with her mistreatment of the girl.

In March, Chad Chritton was convicted of felony child neglect, and is free on bail. But jurors deadlocked on four other felony charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.

Authorities when Chritton's daughter was discovered in February 2012 after running away, the then-fifteen year old girl weighed sixty-eight pounds, nearly twenty pounds less than she weighed at age nine.

Prosecutors say they expect to rest their case Monday in this retrial of Chritton.

There's been no indication whether Chritton will testify in his own defense. Chritton did not testify in his first trial.



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