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All Work and No Play?


All Work and No Play?

No way! Sure, I work hard, but I also get to play hard!

One misconception about service dogs is that they work all the time and don't get to be dogs, but that isn't the case.

I actually get lots of play time. When Jesi and I get home from work, the vest comes off and I'm a rambunctious little puppy!

Some of my favorite non-work times are running around in the back yard with Jesi, playing with the cat Luke (he's warmed up to me now), snuggling on the floor with Justin and playing with the other pups that are in training (one of them is even my brother, Truman)!

I know that not everyone was thrilled about the snow this morning, but I sure was! See the pictures of me playing in the snow before work this morning in the slide show here.


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