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Tonight at 6: Building A New Wisconsin Tradition

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MADISON (WKOW) ---Beermaking has a long history here in Wisconsin. Back in the 1800's breweries were small locally owned operations that made beer in thousands of neighborhoods across the country. Thanks to an increased interest from modern brewers that old way of brewing is now making a comeback.

"You could tell that sort of the craft beer movement was really getting going just based on the beers that were available at bars and even grocery stores," One Barrel Brewing Company owner Peter Gentry says.

Over the last few years nearly a dozen brew pubs and breweries have opened in Southern Wisconsin. It's all part of a nationwide trend with more than 900 breweries joining the marketplace since 2010. The industry has created thousands of new jobs in recent years and all signs show that it's not slowing down any time soon.

"It's just an awesome time to be in the beer business. People aren't drinking more. They're just drinking different and they're drinking local,"  Wisconsin Brewing Company President and CEO Carl Nolen says.

Tonight on 27 news at 6:00 pm, reporter Gordon Severson takes us behind the scenes of the craft beer industry in Wisconsin, showcasing three local breweries who are all growing in their own unique way.

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