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DeForest students harvest edible garden for school lunches

DEFOREST (WKOW) -- Students learn a lot in high school and those in DeForest are learning something unique.

They're learning how to grow and maintain apple and pear trees. The new project hopes to make school lunches healthier while teaching a valuable skill.

The Village of DeForest earned a $5,000 grant to grow trees and vegetation in a community park. DeForest High School students will do the bulk of pruning, watering and harvesting. They'll be working on five pear and 15 apple trees.

Once the trees start producing, in about four or five years, the fruit will be used in the school's lunch program. While students won't immediately see the results of the project, the DeForest agriculture teacher says it forces them to think outside the box.

"It's great because we get to add a real life component. It gets students out and you can say OK, here's your plot of land now make it work," said Gwen Boettcher, the agriculture teacher at DeForest High School.

The grant came from the American Transmission Company, which owns and operates high-voltage electric transmission systems in Wisconsin.

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