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First Family of Curling calls Madison home

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MADISON, WI (WKOW) -- With the return of the Olympics, comes the return of the obscure sport of curling. But for the Brown family, curling is a way of life.

"Fifteen years ago, if you told people you were a curler, people would think you're part of a beauty convention or do you do hair, or do weights or something like that," said Steve Brown, owner of Steve's Curling Supplies on Madison's east side.

Brown opened his shop 38 years ago, long before curling officially became an Olympic sport in 1998.

Brown is one of America's most decorated curlers. He shares his loves of the sport with wife Diane, who has also been curling since a young age.

The Browns' children, Craig and Erika, also curl. In fact, between the four family members, they've won 26 national curling championships, rightfully earning them the title of America's First Family of Curling.

"I guess it was a little bit inevitable that I was going to curl," said Craig. "I didn't really care for the sport when I was really young. I would've rather been playing baseball or soccer or hockey. But I saw my sister start traveling around the world and I decided maybe this curling thing wasn't so bad."

Craig and Erika are now both representing the US at the Sochi Olympics as members of the Men's and Women's Olympic Curing teams.

"You always hope that they would succeed at something, but you never, ever, ever expect both of them to be in the Olympics at the same time," said Diane. "The sense of pride, I just can't even describe it."

Because of the media coverage and international attention the Olympics receives, the sport of curling is growing.

"People are realizing how athletic it is, how demanding, how difficult the sport is," said Steve. "They watch the Olympics, and they're seeing these 24-30 year-olds; they're athletic, they're good looking. You look at the Swedish or Norwegian girls, it's pretty hard not to fall in love with the sport!"

Craig and Erika will try to help the US bring home its first ever medal in the sport of curling. This is Erika's third appearance at the Olympics; it is Craig's first trip.

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