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Tonight at 6: Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims

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MADISON (WKOW) --- Domestic violence victims face many challenges that get in the way of leaving their abusers, but a local organization is helping make the decision a little easier.

One of the biggest obstacles for some victims is a love for their pets. In some cases, victims delay leaving because they know their pet won't be safe on its own. Domestic violence shelters don't accept animals to stay for a variety of reasons.

"Victims-- like everyone else-- view their animals as members of the family and we want to make sure we provide safe harbor for those animals and we reunite them when they are safe," says Megan Senatori, co-founder of Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims, or SAAV.

In a special report tonight on 27 News at 6, Jennifer Kliese introduces us to the Dane County organization helping put an end to domestic violence by saving animals. We'll hear from a volunteer who opens her home to these pets with nowhere else to go.
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