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Local girl scouts start selling Girl Scout cookies

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The Girl Scouts cookie program officially begins!

The officially kick-off is Saturday, February 8. This weekend is National Girl Scout Cookie weekend. Girl Scouts around the country are celebrating the rich tradition.

There are two new cookies this year: The Cranberry Citrus Crisp and the Gluten free cookie. There are nine cookies: Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbreads, Thanks-A-Lot, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Lemonades, Cranberry Citrus Crisps and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbreads.

The cookie program is February 8 until March 23.

Click here for more information about the Girl Scouts Badgerland chapter or watch the video above.

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