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TOULA TRACKER: Toula shows off her skills of retrieving and opening doors

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I know most of you are sick of this winter weather, but I can’t get enough of the snow! If I could spend all day rolling around in the snow banks I would! Other than playing around outside, I’ve also been working hard on my skills. I am continually improving on the basics like sit, down, stand, stay & heel while also improving and starting the learning process of other skills as well. I’ve continued to work on my retrieves, tugging cabinets open and closing cabinets with my nose while also starting to learn to pick up my leash, hold a credit card in my mouth (later on I’ll be able to give that card to a cashier) and leaving tempting items alone (for example, if I’m walking with my person and I spot a french fry on the ground that’s just calling my name even though I shouldn’t have it, my person will eventually be able to say ‘Leave It’ as we walk past it and I will do just that). All of these skills take a lot of practice and numerous phases to get to the final stage. Even though I’m growing like a weed (up to 44 lbs already), I just turned 6 months old and I think it’s pretty darn impressive all the things I can do at just 6 months!
I’ve made a new video so you can see me in action performing a few of these skills and I look forward to sharing more in the future!


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