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WI man gets ready to leave for Boston Marathon; goal to run 50 marathons in 50 states

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MONROE (WKOW) -- A Monroe native wants to accomplish 50 marathons in 50 states in the next couple of years.

He's already started his goal and has another. Randy Zemlicka wants to do more and that's why he's helping cancer research along the way. Heart surgery in 1995 changed his life forever. Randy needed a pacemaker implant to keep his heart from beating too slowly. He was born with a congenital heart defect, but his doctors encouraged him to stay active.

"My doctor said I'll warn you. I've seen people get hooked and I said no that won't be a problem for me," said Randy. "And it turned out he was right."

Randy starts running and training about 16 weeks before each marathon.

"I wanted to stay healthy enough that I didn't have to take cholesterol medicine," said Randy. "I guess I have bad genes because I have high cholesterol and one of the ways to manage that is through rigorous physical activity."

He's been able to stay off medication as he prepares for five marathons this year. In April, he'll run the Boston Marathon. He has two marathons on the East coast in October.

His wife, Mary Kay, travels with him. Her goal is 50 Bed & Breakfasts in 50 states.

Randy has been raising money to help fight cancer. He will run the Boston Marathon for the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Foundation in honor of Ames Relan, a cancer survivor.

Click here to learn more about his efforts and how you can get involved.

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